As energy systems change, so will energy politics, economics and social life. How can substantial transformations in our relationships with energy production, distribution and consumption come about? What kind of world do we envision for ourselves and for others? And how do we get there? These questions recognise that energy relationships entail fundamental ethical judgements.

The Centre for Energy Ethics addresses one of the most urgent and profound challenges facing us today: how to balance our energy demands with our concerns for anthropogenic climate change. With many governments, companies and institutions declaring states of climate emergency and making net zero commitments, global energy consumption is forecasted to continue its rise, with rare earth and other critical metals in ever-increasing demand.

The Centre for Energy Ethics provides a rare platform for collaboration across arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. It brings together our different disciplinary strengths as we pursue the guiding question of not only what can we do, but also what should we do in order to create a better energy future for us all.

The Centre for Energy Ethics fosters a creative and interdisciplinary research environment, provides in-demand policy guidance, and engages with industry and multiple publics.

Want to be part of our team?

We are always looking for new talent to join our ever growing team. PhD candidates and early career scholars who are keen to base their research activities in the Centre for Energy Ethics are welcome to contact us. Any current opportunities will also be announced here.