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Lorenzo Sapochetti

Lorenzo is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology with Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the...

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Lydia Cole

Lydia is a Conservation Ecologist with a keen interest in how tropical ecosystems can be managed sustainably in the face of agricultural expansion and the other pervasive impacts of population growth and globalisation. She is particularly interested in peat-scapes, and how they can be responsibly managed through an understanding of their unique hydrological requirements. Her past projects include, spanning time in both academia and industry: creating a mapping and monitoring system for peatlands in the UK, Malaysia and Indonesia; reconstructing past vegetation change and assessing future prospects for the coastal peatlands of Malaysian Borneo; exploring the dynamics of human-wildlife interaction in northeast India; and training Government, research and NGO partners in Ghana, Indonesia and Malaysia on the use of a decision support tool for restoring connectivity in landscapes for biodiversity under climate change. She is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ecology on a two year Leverhulme Trust-funded project entitled: Valuing intact tropical peatlands – an interdisciplinary challenge. She is also the Chair of the Conservation Ecology Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society and coordinates the Expert Group on Peatlands and Biodiversity on the International Peatland Society’s Scientific Advisory Board.

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Russell Fielding

Russell Fielding is an Assistant Professor in the HTC Honors College at Coastal Carolina...

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Sean Field

Sean’s three-year post-doctoral research project aims to study how energy analysts, financial specialists, traders, portfolio managers and investment professionals conceptualize and value oil.

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Sarah O’Brien

Sarah’s four-year doctoral research focuses on the local realities of an energy transition in the UK in the context of climate change. More particularly, she is interested in the knowledge put forward by grassroots activists campaigning against unconventional gas extraction.

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