Research Projects

Eco Worrier, Eco Warrior: Exploring Eco-Anxiety and Client Activism in Britain

Eco-anxiety is an area of increasing interest and a significant issue of our times, but we know very little about the lived experiences of people actually dealing with it. This research project aims to find out how anxiety, distress and grief about the environment affects daily life for individuals across generations and families.

The Ethics of Oil: Finance Moralities and Environmental Politics in the Global Oil Economy

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork with oil companies in the US and Norway, renewable energy industries in Ghana and Norway, oil and gas financiers in the US, and environmental protesters in the UK, ENERGY ETHICS is developing a new framework for understanding the relationship between energy, money and climate change.

Turning oil into stone: oil legacies in the narratives of urban continuity and change in Baku, Azerbaijan

BAKOIL examines the construction of ‘oil city’ narratives and representations in Baku, Azerbaijan – one of the earliest and historically most significant oil cities in the world.