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The Comeback of the Plastic Straw: Are we sacrificing sustainability in the face of COVID-19 safety?

by Anna Rauter

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic initially led to a drop in global CO2 emissions, post-lockdown emissions are reported to be back in line with their previous trajectories. Along with this resurgence of carbon emissions, I am observing an increasing use of single-use plastics and other environmentally unsustainable practises. How do coronavirus measures, whether we agree with them or not, affect our sustainability efforts?

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World Crisis, Energy Crisis? Part 2. Overcapacity: an energy crisis you’ve never heard of

by Pauline Destrée

When half the world struggles with inadequate electricity supply, what happens when we have too much energy? In this post, I look at situations in which overcapacity leads to a “renewable overkill”, creating landscapes of abandonment where wind turbines and other renewable energy projects lie as stalled, prevented or temporarily stranded assets.

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